Stock Customization


Stock Customization provides three colors Black, Silver and Red. Click a color from the pallet below and then select a spokes and the hub to change to your desired color. You can mix and match these three colors however you like.

Stock Customization

Plus Customization provides the three Stock Custimization colors - Black, Silver and Red - plus one additional custom color - Green, LimeGreen, Pink, Purple, Turquoise , Gold, Orange and Blue. Click a color from the pallet below and then click a spoke or the hub to change the color. You can mix and match the Custom Level 1 colors and your Custom color however you like. You can also select a Custom color wheelset of matching hub and spoke color.

Choose one of the following Custom Level 2 colors.

Stock Customization


Premium Customization provides the full color palette Industry Nine offers, in any hub or spoke configuration you can dream up! The full color palette is open to you, so build and share you dream wheel set.

All the custom colors below are available to you in Custom Level 3